Stride 2: Updated Gesture-Based Passcode Tweak

The popular gesture-based passcode tweak Stride has been updated for iOS 7 devices. While the experience is similar to the iOS 5/6 version, Stride 2 has also received a clean, native-like makeover for iOS 7.

This tweak allows users to set an alternative lock screen passcode, using a custom gesture to unlock their iOS device. After installing the tweak, you can set the gesture passcode in Stride 2’s preferences in the Settings app. Stride 2 also requires that you set a standard passcode as a backup option. It’s also fully compatible with Touch ID.


iTouchSecure Touch ID Tweak Update

The developer of the popular Touch ID-enhancing jailbreak tweak iTouchSecure has added support for a selection of third-party iOS Web browsers, including Google Chrome.

You can download the updated iTouchSecure on the Cydia Store for $4.99, or if you already have the tweak you can get the update for free. The tweak is optimized for the iPhone 5s handset.

The tweak auto-stores passwords that are entered into your applications, within an encrypted keychain. After passwords have been entered once, the user can subsequently re-enter passwords and passcodes using the Touch ID Home button. iTouchSecure is compatible with the Appe Store app and AgileBits 1Password.


A Nintendo DS Emulator That Doesn’t Require a JB

If you’re nostalgic for your DS days but no longer have your old handheld, NDS4iOS is the next best thing. And even though it’s an emulator, it doesn’t actually require a jailbreak.

The App Store has a pretty staunch no-emulator policy, so to get around that, you can download NDS7iOS from the official website. You’ll have to do some adjustments with the date to get around Apple’s revocation of the dev cert.

Once you’re in, you can adjust various settings like controller overlay opacity, frame skips, and performance enhancements. To play, you search for game ROMs via built-in site links. Loading is fast, and the emulator provides the ability to save your state.

The app features full touchscreen support, even for the “bottom screen” of DS games for a high-fidelity DS experience.

Reviews indicate that some games work great, while others can be laggy.


Tweak Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some jb tweaks that have been getting buzz recently:



Your Quarterly Jailbreak Roundup, April 2014

CamText ($1.49) lets you walk and text at the same time. Basically, uses your camera to see what’s ahead of you, and overlays your texts over that image, so you can text without walking into a wall.

Badger 7

Your Quarterly Jailbreak Roundup, April 2014

Badger 7 ($1.49) is a faster, better, and better-looking way to use notifications. It lets you pull up notifications right from the badge on the icon, reply to messages, and get rid of them quickly.


Your Quarterly Jailbreak Roundup, April 2014

Guestmode(99¢) is exactly what it sounds like: you set up a separate login so you can hand your phone over to a kid / parent / spouse / friend and only give them access to certain apps and functions. You can lock down your phone in just about anyway you want.

Message Box

Your Quarterly Jailbreak Roundup, April 2014

Message Box (free) will give you Facebook-like chat heads all over iOS, so you can talk to all your Facebook friend from anywhere.


Your Quarterly Jailbreak Roundup, April 2014

ProWidgets ($2.99) lets you add small widgets to your home screen, so you could, say, quickly create a calendar event, make a note, or start an email. ProWidgets shines in its customization options: you can customize how they work, what they look like, and where they appear.


Your Quarterly Jailbreak Roundup, April 2014

Rendarya ($1.99) adds actually useful photo editing features to the default photo app, like filters, adjustments, and blurs.


Your Quarterly Jailbreak Roundup, April 2014

Spin (99¢) is a lock screen music player. Instead of those boring old buttons, Spin give syou a circular navigator for scrubbing through a track.


Your Quarterly Jailbreak Roundup, April 2014

UIColors ($1.49) is an easy way to dramatically change the look of iOS. It allows you to change the default interface color, so you can change the color of app screens, keyboard colors, primary colors, text colors — really just about anything.

Tweaks to Make Your JailBroken Phone More Like iOS 7.1

Gregorian will give you the 7.1 Calendar. You can find it by searching for Gregorian in Cydia in Ryan Petrich’s repository. You’ll need to add that repository manually. Just head into Cydia, tap Manage > Sources, then Edit and add:

Speed Intensifier is a free tweak that allows you to set the speed of animations to your liking.

 F.lux lets you play around with different settings to change the color temperature.

HiddenSettings7 in combination with Parallax enaBlur will give you the option to disable parallax on your home screen or your lock screen, just like in iOS 7.1.

This Winterboard theme gives you the very-subtly-different icons for Phone, FaceTime, and Messages.

 Yellow Flash 7 adds a similar function to the new flash indicator, which is a little icon that goes yellow when your flash is about to go off.

Auxo 2: A Tweak Worth Jailbreaking For

The follow up to 2012’s popular jailbreak tweak Auxo is now available on Cydia. The update includes a number of features: unified view for the Control Center and app switcher, a Quick Switcher for moving between apps using gestures, and a hot corners feature that allows access to apps by touching the corners of an iOS device.

Unlike stock iOS 7, Auxo 2 allows users to access the app switcher, multitasking controls, and Control Center toggles entirely with the use of gestures. It combines all three elements into one interface and offers a variety of settings for customization.

The Auxo 2’s Quick Switcher allows users to switch between apps by swiping from the bottom left of a device and releasing a finger on an open app. The Quick Switcher is limited to six apps by default, but unlimited apps can be enabled in settings. The animation for Quick Switcher is fluid.

The Multi-Center feature provides a single interface for toggles, App Switcher, and media controls. It switches a few elements around: AirPlay and control toggles at the top, followed by media controls at the bottom. Again, the animations and the customization options are impressive.

Finally, the Hot Corners feature allows users to return to the home screen by swiping up from the bottom right corner of the screen. It also allows users to access the app switcher from swiping up from the bottom left of the display. This enables users to access both UI elements with only gestures as opposed to using the home button.

Auxo 2 also allows users to scroll through iTunes Radio tracks with its media controls, which isn’t possible with the stock Music app. Other features to note: accessing the last open app, inverting the Hot Corners feature, and disabling the tweak in selected apps.

Auxo 2 is available on the Cydia Store for $3.99, but it is available at a discounted price of $1.99 for users who bought the original Auxo tweak.