Extensify: Tweak iOS Apps Without Jailbreaking

Extensify is a recently launched “tweak store” for iOS that offers an alternative to jailbreaking for users who only want to install modified versions of third-party apps, such as Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Vine, or Instagram. Unlike most jailbreaks, Extensify can be installed without tethering. However, it does not allow users to modify the iOS operating system itself.

Of course, Extensify isn’t necessarily safer than jailbreaking, because the software still isn’t verified by Apple. But it does offer a clever way to avoid jailbreaking if you’re only interested in tweaks, which is particularly appealing now that the benefits to jailbreaking have arguably diminished thanks to the increasing customizations that Apple now offers (most of which were inspired by mods from the jailbreak community).

Jailbreaking is also significantly more difficult now, which has led to a dwindling number of jailbreak users.

Extensify is the brainchild of Majd Alfhaily and Kevin Ko. As members of the jailbreak community, they know how frustrating it is to wait for new jailbreak releases. They see Extensify as a stop-gap between releases, not a full replacement.

The Extensify app works by installing a configuration profile on your device. Then, you can browse its app store to download the tweaks.

Currently, there are about 25 different tweaks available.

The tweaks only work on free applications, but tweaked apps can run alongside the original versions of the apps.