It Most Definitely Is Not the End of an Era

Because that “era” of jailbreaking you’re referring to has been over for quite a while.

A bunch of articles / tweets lately have been talking about how we’ve reached “the end of an era” with jailbreaking. I blame Antony Leather’s article in Forbes for starting it. Cf also Zach Epstein’s “The End of the Jailbreak Era.”




This is pure bullshit. The days when you could expect a quick turnaround on a jailbreak were over well before even iOS 6 was released. Maybe you’ve forgotten how long it took to get evasi0n7? This is the new pace of jailbreaking, and we’re par for the course — better get used to it. Even Leather’s article — despite its ratings-driven hyperbolic title — seems to recognize that this long and now-familiar cycle between Apple release and jailbreak release will continue.

Of course, this end of days cry is far from new. Last year, Joshua Logan claimed iOS 7 would end jailbreaking. Jailbreak Nation thought the end was nigh when comex went to Apple.

Jailbreaking has been tough for a while now. It’s certainly not getting any easier, but it didn’t just start to get tough all of a sudden. The last few jailbreaks have relied on a string of multiple exploits, and they’ve required such an intimate knowledge of the code that only a handful of people could have possibly put them together.

Jailbreaking isn’t dead yet — the evad3rs just announced they’re going to be working on iOS8. We’ll continue to see jailbreaks, but they’ll continue to be slow-coming.

Now, when planetbeing finally calls it quits — then we can start talking end times.