A Nintendo DS Emulator That Doesn’t Require a JB

If you’re nostalgic for your DS days but no longer have your old handheld, NDS4iOS is the next best thing. And even though it’s an emulator, it doesn’t actually require a jailbreak.

The App Store has a pretty staunch no-emulator policy, so to get around that, you can download NDS7iOSĀ from the official website. You’ll have to do some adjustments with the date to get around Apple’s revocation of the dev cert.

Once you’re in, you can adjust various settings like controller overlay opacity, frame skips, and performance enhancements. To play, you search for game ROMs via built-in site links. Loading is fast, and the emulator provides the ability to save your state.

The app features full touchscreen support, even for the “bottom screen” of DS games for a high-fidelity DS experience.

Reviews indicate that some games work great, while others can be laggy.