Best iOS Jailbreak Tweaks to Get 3D Touch

via MobiPicker

Best iOS Jailbreak Tweaks to Get 3D Touch


best 3d touch tweaks

What are MobiPickers four picks for 3D Touch tweaks? Here’s their list:

1. Touch 3D

Offers a 3D Touch-like experience on older devices. Uses the long-press-and-hold method to bring up quick actions for Camera, Settings, and Phone.

2. Forcy

Opens the Quick Actions pane when you long-press or swipe up on an app icon. This tweak probably gets the closest to 3D Touch on older iOS iPhones and iPads.

3. RevealMenu

Like Forcy, brings up the Quick Menu when you long-press on an app icon. Between this and Forcy, it’s a matter of personal preference.

4. UniversalForce

Peek-and-Pop feature — e.g. short-press on an email to get a preview, long-press to go inside the email app.